including MongoDB 3.2 support

Mongo Management Studio is the best way to work with MongoDB the easy way. Because of the clean and light user interface, you can execute the typical MongoDB commands fast and effective, without using the MongoDB shell. It is suitable to assists your local development and test process as well as working with your Mongo databases on remote or production servers. By using a basic but strict user and rights management you have full control of the access rights of every single user. Of course you are also able to utilize the integrated user management of MongoDB within Mongo Management Studio.


Simple Queries

With Mongo Management Studio you can enter your queries as easy as possible and in many different formats. The results are presented in several views. They can be sorted and you can page through quickly.

Simple query

MongoDB 2.4 / 2.6 / 3.0 / 3.2 compatible

Mongo Management Studio supports MongoDB 2.4 / 2.6 / 3.0 / 3.2. It detects the version automatically and will show the version specific options in the ui.

edit record

Replica-Set Support

All actions of Mongo Management Studio can be executed against a replica-set. This also works if not all replica-set members are available. Additionally you have a visual indication of the state of all members.

Unterstützung für Replica-Sets

SSL and SSH connections

The app allows you to connect to remote MongoDB databases using a SSH tunnel. Additionally SSL encrypted connections are supported.

SSH and SSL connections

JSON schema validation

Mongo Management Studio allows you to validate your data against a JSON schema when inserting or updating. The JSON schema will be generated automatically and can be changed/saved by the user.

JSON Schema Validierung


With Mongo Management Studio you can read and write to GridFS collections. Files can be added easily with drag and drop.



Mongo Management Studio is able to export and import your data MongoDB-compliant. One can also export the data of a collection in the cvs format.


Detailed Documentation

Mongo Management Studio offers a complete documentation of all features. Additionally, there are many hints inside the application which explain MongoDB specific topics.

Ausführliche Dokumentation

External Connection/Authentication

With the Enterprise Edition of Mongo Management Studio you can access your internal Mongo database over the web. The access can be restricted by the integrated User Management.

Zugriff von außen

Flexible MongoDB GUI

The user interface of Mongo Management Studio is simple and intuitional. With the Enterprise Edition you can even use mobile devices to work with the application.

Flexibles UI

Version overview

Feature Community (local) Professional / Educational (local) Enterprise (webserver)

Simple Queries

MongoDB 2.4 / 2.6 / 3.0 / 3.2 compatible
CRUD Operations
Replica-Set Support
UI Index Management
Export/ Import
MongoDB Authentication
Detailed Documentation
GridFS Support read only
SSL Connections
SSH Connections
Save Queries
Commercial Support
MongoDB User Management
Aggregation Framework Queries

JSON Schema Validation

Mobile Ready
Application User Management

Purchase and download

Community Edition

for Free
  • incl. 1 user licence

Professional / Educational Edition

25 / 15
  • incl. 1 user licence

as Community Editon +

  • GridFS Support
  • SSH Connections
  • SSL Connections
  • Autocomplete
  • Save Queries
  • Commercial Support
  • MongoDB User Management
  • Aggregation Framework Queries
  • JSON Schema Validation

Enterprise Edition

  • inkl. 5 user licences

as Professional Editon +

  • Mobile Ready
  • Application User Management