A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.
Plato (428-347BC, Greek philosopher, scientist and writer)



The Litixsoft GmbH is an independent software producer aiming for sector-independent software to fulfill all of your requirements and perceptions in detail. There is no space for quantity while solving your problems – and that’s the principle for every kind of division we’re working on.

Growing knowledge because of numerous projects especially in case of data integrity and NoSQL-databases gives us the competence to evolve complex and efficient software which will integrate into your workflows without any trouble.

An extensive acquisition of your perceptions, detailed consulting and an answer by return of post will reduce project costs and smooth the way to your individualized product.

By using Open-Source-Technology we’re not limited on a single problem-solving approach. Because of strict modularization and the usage of Microservices we create a flexible software-setting which allows us to combine solutions of one sector with another. Thereby every step we take is governed by ISO-standard 9001:2015.


An optimization of your established workflows through customized and innovative software is our focus. But we’re not trying to change any of your operations or even replace them. Instead we’re trying to integrate especially for you adjusted solutions into your established IT-architecture.

This kind of enhancement is the direct conclusion of our cross-platform workflow based on modern technologies. Those considerations obtain both for our Server-Backend-Solutions and our Client-Implementations. Latest technologies such as the virtualization software Docker or the coding language GO are helping us developing your software as soon as possible and verifying your product at the same time. So we aim for economize money and minimize error sources simultaneously.

According to our Microservice-architectures we avoid cost-intensive and time-consuming reorganization of your IT-division and as a consequence thereof any kind of problems such as the emergence of security gaps or annoying software compatibility. Because of the usage of our transparent interfaces and technologies we enable you a cross-platform-environment without causing any differences.

A good and always solution-orientated communication with you is just a single objective to ensure a frictionless procedure on the way to your final product. Additionally, all of the employed technologies are subject to advancement and control so constantly we’re able to create new possibilities and customer-related processes. Together we’re capable of creating new approaches and task fields to optimize your technical infrastructure.

So that’s why you’re such a decisive factor at the development of your products.

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Our credo: "The right database-system especially for your product."

Because of the specialization on NoSQL-database-systems (specifically on the implementation with the database MongoDB) we’re able to offer you a highly sophisticated and dynamic data retention adjusted for your software. Performant and pattern free data storage throughout MongoDB is the key for the capability and security you expect from your product. So Big-Data-Analysis is no problem at all.

But even other technologies like high-performant Key-Value-Stores for temporary files (Redis) or graphic-databases are used by us to realize your software. Those rudiments paired with the usage of Open-Source strategies, platform independence and free-minded procedures and architectures are the basis for planning and realizing your perception.


Currently the majority of our clients is found in the department of pharmaceutical and medical applications. That’s why there’s no problem in communication at developing software solutions based on on-topic subjects. Facts about the Karnofsky-Index (assessment about health limitations for patients with tumors) or working with the ICD-10-Code (International Classification of Diseases) cause no difficulties at all.

Of Course data security and privacy (especially in case of valuable medical patient data) is very important for us. That’s why we have huge requirements at our products which are in accordance with national and international standards by all time.


Open-Source strategies generate the basis of highly stable and save applications and they are the component for our software most of the time. So automatically some parts are subject to the best kind of control – control by a huge and worldwide community of developers. Failures which destabilize the security or the efficiency of the application got no chance in the long run.

The integration of optimized and already established program parts accomplish the initial situation for trouble-free operations with your new product. But at the same time we provide our own Open-Source modules for other developers on the national and international market. In that way we’re creating the opportunity to improve our products throughout feedback, error reports, add-ons and optimizations without spending vast sums of money.

In years and years of work we gathered the experience that basic approaches leading to the big picture are more efficient than one monolithic software package.

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Based on a lot of successful projects across-the-board we’re well experienced in dealing with sensible and confidential personal data. Thereby implementing highest standards in data security and privacy is one of our chief object.

A permanently powerful encryption such as strict user access control by a fine-grained and role-based digital rights management are the basis for the safety of your data pool. Every kind of change of your database could be monitored and even assigned to the invasive person or program. So any kind of attack against your software will be documented and prevented as far as possible. These features and more optimize your data security and minimize the risk of a data loss.

The consideration of security by obscurity throughout the concealment of designated program codes is no principle for us. Because of our Open-Source strategies we enable access to single parts of our program codes and used modules without compromising the exclusivity and the security of your product.

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Our products

which could be interesting for you

3D picture of mms

Mongo Management Studio

Mongo Management Studio is the best way to work with MongoDB the easy way. Because of the clean and light user interface, you can execute the typical MongoDB commands fast and effective, without using the MongoDB shell. It is suitable to assists your local development and test process as well as working with your Mongo databases on remote or production servers.

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3D picture of lxDoc

lxDoc 3

lxDoc is a universal online documentation system of Litixsoft GmbH. It is used for recording, managing and analyzing of data from medical, scientific and technical processes. It was developed according to the strict quality requirements of medical studies. It is equally suitable for smaller non-interventional studies and registers for clinical trials.

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3D picture of lxRetax


LxRetax supports pharmacies in the processing and settlement of Retaxierungen. The automatic import of recipe data and the recipe images, the data base is available to edit the Retaxierung quickly. lxRetax guides the user by means of an optimized workflow targeted by the Retaxierungsprozess so that the data entry is reduced to a minimum. Of course, all bills and appeal letter will be automatically generated and archived immutable.

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3D picture of lxApotheke

lxApotheke (working title) (coming soon)

lxApotheke is a networked administrational software for your pharmacy to plan chemotherapy and order the required medicaments.

3D picture of Dataanalyser

Dataanalyser (working title) (coming soon)

The Data Analyser software is a business intelligence tool that helps you analyze your data, let you drive evaluations etc.


Pictures say more than a thousand words, that's why we made you a few screenshots of our products.


Over the years we have developed a considerable collection of small open source tools that assist us in our daily work. We would like to provide thme to you and hope that they help you as well. Since it is open source software you can not only use it for free but also can collaborate. You can find all our software modules at Github. We look forward to your feedback.

Karma Mocha Reporter

Karma reporter plugin with "mocha" styled logging.

Karma Detect Browser

Karma runner plugin for recording all browsers installed on the current system.

log4js Node Mongo

A log4js-node log appender to log to write in a mongoDB.


Our helpers for node.js and the browser.


The repository for mongoDB in node.js.


An easy-to-use template-based PDF generator for node.js.


A validator for node.js and the client, based on Flatiron Revalidator.


As a service provider we are of course prepared to solve any occuring problem. However, we have made the experience to better focus on a specific area of technology and to cover this part perfectly. Our customers can be sure that the decisions to use certain solutions or technologies are based on in-depth knowledge and not on personal preferences or contractual dependencies. Instead of using a particular architecture in any case, we observe the development of both well-known and proven technologies aswell as innovative emerging new ones. Without the usual anxieties we decide from case to case together with the customer, on what basis their needs can be best implemented.


One of our key technologies are asynchronous, non-blocking, high-performance and easy to be scaled single page real-time applications. They are optimized for a huge number of simultaneous accesses. To ensure this on the server-side we use among other things the NodeJS framework which is based on the V8 JavaScript engine.


Some emerging technologies are so new that no name has been widely spread for it. We call it them a realtime single page application, others call it Web 3.0. Basically, it’s all about the realtime communication of all things. A web application that does not need to be refreshed anymore, but is notified about changes by the server or other devices.

What are single-page applications

Single page applications (SPA) are web applications displayed on a single page. Similar to desktop applications, the goal is to achieve a fluid user experience and workflow. The complete Javascript and HTML code is being loaded the first time the page is accessed. Parts of the application can be loaded later (lazy load) to accelerate the launch or to deliver only the currently needed parts.

What’s the realtime in the single page applications

Real-time applications get notified by the server or other devices on updates. The reloading of a page as it was the usual case with current web applications is made obsolete. This is achieved with the use of websockets, that render a real-time communication between client and server possible.


Single page applications combine the advantages of local applications with the advantages of web applications. For the standard use this means a real plattform independance, because no specific operating systems and frameworks like Microsoft’s .NET or JAVA is needed. A modern web browser will do fine. Thus, these application run on any device, regardless of the type- a Windows, a MAC or a Linux PC aswell as on mobile devices. The use of HTML5 ensures the development of a visually appealing graphical user interface that can be easily adjusted to all needs and devices (and even barrier-free clients) in no time. The behavior, performance and look&feel of those applications hardly differ from their local counterparts. Clients communicate in real-time with backend-servers or other devices because of the integration of websockets.


For our applications, we proceed according to the credo: the right database system for the right application. Coupled with our strategies to the consistent use of open source software, platform independence and openness to new approaches and architectures can be found for us the almost complete use of NoSQL systems.

So we set, for example, with user data in large part to MongoDB. This is a document-based, non-schematic-prone and thus flexible database. This allows us to dynamically adjust the data management to the growing and changing needs of our customers without time-consuming and error-prone processes of migration. Adaptations to changing business processes or document structures lose their terror. This allows us to develop faster and future-oriented for you. Through powerful queries, we can convert the data into a variety of formats - including for data mining, analysis and statistics developed by us or a customer's existing BI solutions on a variety of platforms.

For temporary data, we rely on high-performance key-value stores such as Redis. The use of such rapid in-memory databases brings your application to the kick velocity.

For special applications, we also use special solutions, such as Graph databases.


Make use of your data! Prepare your data so on that you have access to all information necessary for its decisions immediately. Use your data so that you can quickly and flexibly answer their own questions and the questions of their customers. The Litixsoft GmbH offers you the tools and the expertise to use their data better and guide you through the steps to success.

In each program, data are collected on many topics. This data can significantly contribute to the decision-making within the company. Only they are mostly in cryptic and difficult or impossible evaluable form quite useless in the company. The accumulated data can thus not be used to solve current operational and strategic issues.


The data is extracted and stored under thematic headings from the data chaos of the programs. For the different areas of interest specific areas to be created in which all data are kept ready query oriented. Here, the data get the structure and the metadata for the following analyzes. Thus from chaotic data for you useful information.


From the collected information and ordered all questions can now be answered. The information can be displayed graphically in different ways. With static reports you get an overview of what is happening. Special Topics in answer You can mount an OLAP tool at any time independently. The information may be on the high level of detail, eg be used in a table or in Excel format, for controlling or summarized and valeted be used for presentations to clients or decision makers. The information can be analyzed using data mining methods even further and deeper by example to conclude from the data of the past to the future of the company.



Regardless of the technology used, we place great emphasis on software quality. That’s why we develop the software using standardized design patterns, use community well-recognized frameworks and contribute to their development. With this we ensure that our developers adhere to existing rules and produce maintainable code. In addition, we use automated code analysis, unit and surface testing so that errors do not have a chance to spread in our software. We also minimize the risk that subsequent changes to the code cause any errors with this.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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